SMCC Social Group

SMCC Social Group brings together middle-age adults in an in-house social environment where members can meet and interact with each other in  activities such table tennis, chess, scrabble, carom and "reality" games.  Events are held monthly or bi-monthly and usually start with socializing followed by dinner followed by a group game.

The Social Group celebrates major events such as Valentine's Day, Halloween and Christmas in a full-fledged environment.

Besides in-house activities, The Social Group also organizes outdoor events such as bowling and dining at various restaurants.

Since its inception, The SMCC Social Group has met on average 8 to 9 times per year. Membership is open to all SMCC members and/or their family members.

Membership Details

$100.00 : Initiation fee per couple for the first year
$50.00 : Initiation fee for single for the first year
$25.00 : Annual renewal for couples for existing members
$15.00 : Annual renewal for single membership for existing member
$5.00 : Minimum entrance fee for every event per person
$500.00 : Event sponsorship to celebrate a birthday, wedding anniversary or any major family occasion.

For further information, please contact Mahesh Chokshi +1 416-417-9119 OR Bhavna Shah +1 416-286-0756