Event Details

Sanatan Mandir Cultural Centre
9333, Woodbine Avenue Markham,
ON, Canada,
L6C 1T5
Monday, November 13, 2023
6:00 pm

Happy New Year to all devotees of the Sanatan Mandir.  Our New Year's Aarti timings for all sthapit swaroop are as below:

Please be on-time for aarti.  All Aarti will be performed on-time.

7:00am - Ganesh Ji
8:30am  Mandir Aarti
9:30am Mataji Aarti 
10:30am Shreenathji
11:30am Shiv-paarvati Aarti
12:30pm Mandir Aarti
01:30 Radha Krsihn
2:30pm Mahaveer Swami 
3:30pm Raam Parivaar
4:30pm Swaminarayan Bhagwan
5:30pm Hanumaan Ji
6:30pm  Annakoot Darshan & Govardhan Pooja
7:00pm Annakoot Aarti

Mahaprasad will be served. Please co-operate with volunteers instructions for going downstairs.