Event Details

Sanatan Mandir Cultural Centre
9333, Woodbine Avenue Markham,
ON, Canada,
L6C 1T5
Saturday, February 18, 2023
6:00 pm

Please join us to celebrate Maha-Shivratri 

There are shivratri Shiv pooja opportunities available whole day, please see detailed program below.  Abhishek is available for normal visitors whole day except Prahar Pooja.

Prahar Pooja for all 8 prahars :
6am, 9am, 12 noon, 3 pm, 6pm, 9 pm, 12 nidnight, 3 am 
(Regular visitors are requested to wait for Abhishek if other pooja is going on).Like every year, we will have pooja whole day at designated time of Prahar Pooja.

Shivraatri Shiv Mahapooja - Dwadash Jyotirling Pooja:
Date: 18 February 2023    Time: 5:30pm Onwards
5:30pm to 6:45pm we will have pooja by all 12 Jyotirlings Yajmaan plus Nandikeshwar & Shiv-parvati Ji Murti Pooja.

Bhavya Deep-mala Darshan:
6:45pm to 7:20pm - Ww will have Deep Pragatya and Deep-mala Darshan
7:30pm - Maha aarti (108 Deep Aarti) 

With your support we want to achieve our goal of deep-mala of 2500 divas.  
Seva for 2 deeps are $21 - Please light as many deeps you can on this auspicious day.
Each deep is of Ghee and lightened using Tulsi ji's stick.

(Farari Maha-prasad will be served in the evening after Aarti)

Detailed program will be announced , please stay tuned.

Seva Opportunities Available for this Event

Seva Item Donation Amt No of Item Total
12Jyotirling (Somnath) $201 $
Deep Seva $10

Minimim seva quantity should be 2

12Jyotirling (Nageshwar) $201 $
12Jyotirling (Bhimashankar) $201 $
12Jyotirling(Trimbakeshwar) $201 $
12 Jyotirling(Grishneshwar) $201 $
12 Jyotirling(Vaidyanath) $201 $
12 Jyotirling(Mahakaleshwar) $201 $
12 Jyotirling(Omkareshwar) $201 $
12 Jyotirling(Kashi Vishwanath) $201 $
12 Jyotirling(Kedarnath) $201 $
12Jyotirling(Rameshwaram) $201 $
12Jyotirling(Mallikarjuna] $201 $