About smcc

Sanatan Mandir Cultural Centre (SMCC) is a beautiful temple and a cultural centre serving the Hindu Community of the Greater Toronto Area. Over the years, SMCC has been blessed by many saints from all over the world. SMCC was build by inspiration and blessings of Pujya Krishnshankar Shashtri (Dadaji). Shri Bhagwat Rushi and Shri Ramrambhai have also put their trust in and worked with SMCC to make it a successful project.


SMCC is the Hindu temple located in Markham (Toronto), Canada which believes in Hinduism. At SMCC, we put our efforts to preserve & promote Gujarati Heritage. We have the great facility to worship where all major Hindu Devi-devta's idols are installed with "Pran-Pratishtha" by vedokta vidhi (rituals).  Pran-pratishtha was performed by Pujya Dadaji.


As per Pujya Dadaji's guidance, we perform 3 aartis daily (Morning, Raj-bhog and Shayan) and offer "Raj-bhog" everyday. Every Sunday we do satsang which includes bhajan, kirtan, dhun, special pooja, pravachan (Religious/spiritual discourses) by various saints and priests.  Throughour the year, we celebrate all major festivals and various cultural events. We have various religious and cultural activities for children, youth and seniors.