Sanatan Mandir Cultural Centre (SMCC) is proud to offer dharma and culture-based education and activities for children and teenagers. Sanskrit prayers are actively taught through translations in Gujarati and English. Every child has that spark of divinity within. SMCC Baal Vidyaalay is a forum for children to discover and manifest that divinity. It enables Hindu children in Toronto to appreciate their cultural roots, learn Hindu values in an enjoyable manner and make good friends. They also develop a sense of Sewa (Service) to mankind.

Our Goal Is...

  • To facilitate children to appreciate, learn and practice Hindu way of life
  • To teach children the basics of Gujarati Language so that they can communicate with their family members and other children their age with ease.
  • To teach children about their Gujarati heritage and to instill pride and confidence of being Gujarati
  • To raise awareness of being a Hindu and raising the awareness of Hinduism in the society around
  • Develop social awareness and leadership skills among children.

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Children also have lots of fun while they learn. Activities are planned for their physical, intellectual, social and spiritual development. Our weekly activities include:

  • Language
  • Shlokas
  • Yoga
  • Stories
  • Games
  • Arts And Crafts
  • Occasional Performances
  • Birthday Celebrations

Our Sunday classes are open to all children over age five and teenagers.

Children's Christmas Party

Sanatan Mandir celebrates the spirit of Christmas with children and youth. The afternoon is filled with fun activities and food. Gifts are given out by our own Santa!

  • Baalgeeto
  • Prayers
  • બાળ વિદ્યાલય નોંધણી પત્રક
  • બાળ વિદ્યાલય નોંધણી પત્રક - e-form
  • Baal Vidyaalay Registration Form - e-form
  • Baal Vidyaalay Registration Form
  • Registration
  • Symbolism

For further information, please contact : Nilay Bhatt ( +1 416-618-6020).
You can also email us at: