SMCC Ladies Group

SMCC Ladies Group is for ladies between the ages of 40 and 75. Membership is $15 per year. The Ladies Group conducts 4 to 5 indoor and outdoor activities annually. In addition to membership fees, each event may also carry a cost associated with the venue and the theme as we usually have catered food at these events.

Sanatan Mandir Ladies Social Group was established in 2012. From a membership of 20, The group has now grown to over 150 members.

For decades women have banded together to challenge injustices, overcome barriers and pursue equality. SMCC Ladies group will be working together to help each other out, be a support system for each other and members of the community and at the same time, have lots of fun too.

The group represents a new outlook on life, an avenue to make new friends, to truly come together and celebrate the new friendships that are created, share our appreciation for these amazing women.

The Group has entered its 3rd year and it has made a tremendous progress during this time. Currently we have over 200 members. All events held during past 2 years were very successful and exciting. Outdoor events included trips such as Credit Valley Explorer in Orangeville, trip to St Jacob's Farmer's Market including a visit to a Mennonite family's home to see their lifestyle, a fun filled picnic with food cooked at the site and an indoor Glow in the Dark Putting Edge Mini Golf. The indoor activities held at Sanatan Mandir included exciting talent show, Navaratri and Diwali celebrations and more. The members attended each event in big numbers and thoroughly enjoyed all activities.

For more information about the SMCC Ladies Group please contact: Bharati Ghatalia, Pallavi Desai, Parinda Purohit, Prafulla Mehta, Nayana Thakkar or Sushma Chokshi or email us at