Registration for MARUTI MAHA YAGNA yajmaan

Please register your name for the yajmaan of Yantra Yajmaan and Ahuti Yajmaan and donate the seva amount. Yagna Date Saturday 01-May-2021 Time 3:30 PM Onward

Yantra Yajmaan registration is completed , You can only register for Ahuti Only Yajmaan.

Maruti Mahayagna Mahotsav

Very energetic yagna of Lord of Strength and power will be performed at Sanatan Mandir. A Panchmukhi Hanumaan Ji's powerful Yantra will be constructed with 125 Loard Hanumaan Murtis ordered from India and sactified at Salangpur Kashtbhanjan Hanumaan. With proper vidhi al murties will be established on Yantra and Yagna will be performed. Yajmaans of this Yantra will be at offered this Murti as a gift from mandir.

A Unique Opportunity to be Yajmaan

This is a unique opportunity for all devotees to be a part of this yagna. You can be a yajmaan and grab the opportunity of owrship Lord Hanumaan and pray to provide strength, kill evils.Panchmukhi Hanumaan Yantra is energized by Panchmukhi Hanumaan Mantra. This i sbeneficial for protection from evil spirits, Gain in strength and courage, Removes obstacles from life, reduces planary effects of Saturn, Success in tasks, Cures disease and provide good health, progress in life, family peace and happiness. Lets support ourself and sacred event of Sanatan Mandir.

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