The Sanatan Mandir Cultural Centre (SMCC) Ladies Group is extremely proud to share their progress and activities so far.

Founded in 2012 under the Sanatan Mandir Cultural Centre umbrella, this Group has bonded 200+ women who are regular attendees of the SMCC. The annual membership fee is a mere $15 and yet we are able to put together memorable moments for each participant.

For decades women have banded together to challenge injustices, overcome barriers and pursue equality. The SMCC Ladies Group continues to be a support system for each other and for all members of the community. We represent a new outlook on life, an avenue to make new friends whilst ensuring each is having great fun.

Dedicated and enthusiastic committee members have organized a variety of indoor and outdoor events. Please see below for a list of successful events to date.

Indoor events:

  1. Talent show
  2. Make-up and Saree draping demo
  3. Garba steps (dance) workshop
  4. Cha-Cha-Cha and Ballroom dancing workshop
  5. Bollywood Fitness workshops
  6. Hobbies & Activities during retirement talks (Nivruti ma Pravruti)
  7. Rangoli workshop
  8. Fresh vegetables and fruit cutting art
  9. Sponsoring of one night of Garba during every Navratri
  10. Fresh flower garland workshop
  11. During Covid lockdown the group organized via Zoom
    • Comedy show
    • Webinar on Aging and Loneliness by Dr. Merai M.D.
    • Vastu Shastra webinar by a professional

Outdoor activities:

  1. Credit valley fall colour train ride
  2. Day trip to Niagara Falls
  3. Day picnic
  4. Day trip to St. Jacob’s villages
  5. Indoor mini putt club followed by lunch at Pizza Hut
  6. Lawn bowling followed by lunch at Mexican restaurant

We are looking forward to organizing many more events including a Mental and physical well being of our members.

The Group strives to come up with new ideas for events so that members can have the best time in the company of one another. If you wish to become a member or have more questions regarding our events, please send an email to: and or call:

Prafulla Mehta : 416.845.4066
Bharati Ghatalia : 416.520.3749
Parinda Purohit : 647.404.6902
Sushma Chokshi : 416.230.7144
Ami Sanghavi : 647.542.3100
Sima Shah : 416.857.4154
Kavita Joshi : 416.417.9456