Event Details

Sanatan Mandir Cultural Centre
9333, Woodbine Avenue Markham,
ON, Canada,
L6C 1T5
Sunday, October 08, 2023
10:30 am

Matru-Pitru Tarpan  is a worship procedure of offering salutations to our ancestors for their dedication and sacrifices towards us.  Today, what we are is only because of our ancestor’s non-conditional love and efforts.  It is a debt on everyone’s life that we all must repay.  This worship procedure is a ritual to pay this debt.  In our Hindu religion, it is believed that by performing this puja, we are trying to satisfy our ancestors (departed souls of relatives).

Who can do Tarpan?

Son, daughter, grandson, great-grandson, wife, daughter's son, real brother, nephew, cousin's son, father, mother, daughter-in-law, son of sisters, maternal uncle, anyone in the seven generations from the same lineage.

Anyone can participate in the pooja.  There is no seva amount set for this auspicious pooja. Registration is MUST for participation so we can make proper arrangement of seating and pooja samagri.